Mollie was rescued from Romania but we do not really know anything about her background, save she was a four-year old (now five) 'street dog' and behaved well on the lead.  She has now been with us for about four months.  Naturally, she was nervous on arrival and it must have been very strange for her; she was also wary of Dottie, our small female, ten-year-old Schnauzer/terrier cross.
We had her checked by our vet, who found that she had an obstruction in one of our ears which was affecting her hearing.  This was successfully removed and she hears very well now.  We have had a problem with car sickness, even on very short, up to two mile, journeys.  She would be sick every time on the return journey.  However, lately, she has been better and we will try and go a little farther each time we travel with her in the car.  We wonder whether this is a psychological problem and perhaps she thought at first that we were taking her away in the car to leave her somewhere else.  We shall continue to work on this.
Now she is a very happy and affectionate dog.  She has bonded well with Dottie and they form a good 'girlie gang'!  She has learnt from Dottie how to become a good house-dog and is not afraid to bark when she feels like it.  She is very excitable at times, eg when preparing to go for a walk and when she sees us if we have been out, or even been out of the room for a while.  She jumps and twists around, unlike any dog we have had before.  She loves to be fussed and has bonded very well with our younger grand-daughters (whom we see quite frequently) and has a special rapport with the older girl.  Mollie is happy to be groomed, loves her food and eats very well.  She has also learned English very quickly!
We have not yet risked letting her off the extension lead when out walking as she is still nervous around other dogs and we don't want her to become scared and run off.  We'll judge when it's safe to let her run free off the lead.
Basically we are delighted with lovely Mollie and she appears to be very happy with us and Dottie.  We think that, considering her background (and she is still jumpy at times) she has done remarkably well.  We are sure that she will become a really well-adjusted and confident dog in the near future and we are grateful to your organisation for matching us with Mollie.