Having fostered a Freedom Angels dog in the summer and finding it such a heartwarming and rewarding experience we took in an 4 month old cross breed who so scared she spent the first few days under our dining table but within a month she went off to her forever home as a confident, cheeky little madam my daughter and I were keen to do so again but due to the fact that I was made redundant at the end of the summer we decided we should wait for things to improve before committing to another. But then came a call from Katrina, she needed a home for a week for Milo (then Bruno), she was confident he would find a forever home quickly, how could I say no?

 So along came Milo the 4 months old Romanian cross breed all legs and ears, skinny, smelly and scared but totally adorable and yes you guessed it that was in August and he never left !!

 He and our 12 year old colllie cross instantly adored each other, he looked to her for re assurance on everything and followed her everywhere she went. We live in the New Forest so meeting ponies, donkeys , cows and pigs on our walks was scary to the little fella but as long as he had Connie by his side and all was ok.. They bonded instantly and would play, tear around after each other in the garden, pinch one another’s toys or just spend hours curled up together having a snooze. It was like Connie turned into a puppy again!

 Five months on and they are still inseparable, Milo’s mastered some basic training with the assistance of Connie and as many people say we can’t imagine life without him! He’s now infamous in the village we live as everyone comments on him being the happiest dog on the planet, tail always wagging, running in circles, over the moon to see anyone especially if they also have a dog. I hear people who walk along the lane stopping to chat to him at our garden gate, even the bin men can’t help but say hello !! He’s also a great advert for Freedom Angels, we regular stop to chat on our walks and people are always interested in his story!

 The work that Katrina and the team do is amazing, I hate the fact that these poor animals often have such a horrific start in life but taking them on and giving them love can totally transform them , thank you to all of those who are involved and if you’re thinking of adding a dog to your family I couldn’t recommend a better and more rewarding way than taking on a rescue !