This is the story of how we got our Archie.
We already have a sausage dog called Cooper but we felt he needed a companion, we brought Cooper from a 'breeder' he was meant to be a miniature but it soon became clear he was a standard, we didn't care we just wanted him to have a healthy, happy life.
We started to look for a friend for Cooper and one evening my husband found him!! Archie was being advertised for adoption, he was so gorgeous I really didn't think we'd have a chance but I got in touch and was sent some forms to fill in from FAAR, we were warned there was lots of interest and he'd only be going to the perfect match.
After a few visits, not all going well as Archie was very scared of us and Cooper, but he started to come to us, Marina was fostering Archie and she was so amazing, she know how much we wanted him but also had to make sure Archie went to his forever home.
So on the 18th July last year,  Marina brought Archie our little Romanian rescue to us, it was a very tearful exchange but went smoothly, Archie and Cooper had kind of got used to seeing each other.
The first night my stepson said that he'd sleep downstairs with the boys just to make sure Archie wasn't scared or disorientated, well but 2am the dogs were playing like they'd known eachother forever! It was amazing.

Now Archie and his brother are inseparable, Archie has completed our family, he's got some hilarious, quirky habits but we couldn't imagine life without him now. We can't thank Marina and FAAR enough for bringing Archie into our lives.