Sebby is from Romania and we adopted him in December 2019. My friend Carole had Seb in foster care, and I went round for a coffee and that was that. 
He is one of three brothers and I'm in touch with one of his brothers humans on facebook which is lovely!

We love having Sebby so much! It's true what they say that a dog makes a home!
He has settled into our crazy life so well. We have a 7 year old and a 9 year old so our house is so hectic. Seb can be a little on the nervous side, although I would say that is improving slightly. He isn't nervous with us though, just wary of others and traffic.

We all love his walks, and I enjoy letting him off the lead to play with other dogs on our local playing field. Having a dog helped me especially so much during lockdown.
He got us out for walks and just being able to stroke and cuddle him helped massively with my anxiety about life. Sebby is very much a mans dog as he loves my husband so much, even though I pretty much look after him all of the time. I dont mind though it's just nice to see. 

It gives me so much joy to give him his best life!