Nelly (Nee Ness)

We adopted Nelly (previously Ness/Nelly) in May 2020.

She was found on a busy road in Nicosia in January last year, she had a large tumour and was cold and hungry. The wonderful lady who found her took her home, she was taken to the vets and fortunately the tumour was benign. 

We saw her photos on the FAAR Facebook page, we had been planning on another dog, my partner loves GSPs/Vizslas so when we saw Nelly, we fell in love immediately. I sent him the Facebook post and his first words were ‘I think I love her’, so that was that. 

We have three young boys and a Labrador called Willow, we’re an active outdoor family and holiday in our caravan in this country so felt we could give Nelly the ideal home, but we were still nervous about our home check! Luckily it was all fine and Nelly was confirmed as ours; unfortunately COVID-19 delayed Nelly’s arrival but her rescuer Christiana was fantastic and kept Nelly until she was able to travel to the UK.

Nelly arrived at midnight so we didn’t get to introduce her to Willow on neutral ground, but luckily Willow is a placid soul and just accepted Nelly into our home.
It’s not all been plain sailing; we have had some reactivity issues with other dogs but we have worked really hard with a dog trainer and have come so far.

Nelly gives me the most incredible greeting every single morning, she is a happy soul who loves her food, walks, and cuddles.

We are so lucky to have found her, thank you FAAR.