Dolly & Milo

I've always rescued from the UK until losing my German Shepherd X in September 2019.
My friend recommended Freedom Angels to me. It was very difficult just choosing 1 out of so many.
I chose queen Holly whose name is now Dolly. She was approximately 1 year old and came from Larnaca, Cyprus.
She arrived 29th January 2020 and she is absolutely amazing!

I felt Dolly needed a companion, so turned to Freedom Angels again to find a young boy pup from Romania called Billy, now called Milo.
After a couple of weeks with Milo I had doubts whether I made the right decision. He was very hard work. I forgot all about the puppy phase. 9 months on with Milo and he too is amazing! Both Dolly and Milo get on very well. What Milo never learnt from his mum. Dolly has taught him everything good and sometimes bad.

My life has changed immensely, Milo likes getting up at 5am, so we are of walking by 7am. Milo doesn't like the rain what so ever and thinks I'm crazy taking him out in it, even though he has a posh coat on.
Dolly's only fault is she is not keen on cyclists, scooters and motorbikes, but we are working on that.

I cannot Express my gratitude for the amazing work FAAR does for each and every one of these wonderful dogs and cats.