Lilly came to us from Cyprus in December 2019. 
We had recently lost our Jack Russell and missed having a dog in the house. We came across the FAAR site on social media and Lilly was our second enquiry.  
I understand she had been returned from her planned forever home to foster.
Her background was, as far as I recall, from a Cypriot family who gave her up to someone who was mistreating her. 
The day she arrived she was extremely anxious and the cry she gave as her foster carer/charity volunteer left will stay with us forever. 
We quickly realised she preferred females, after having snapped at my husband a few times. We also realised someone had hurt her from behind and even to this day we have to be careful if we approach her from behind. 
She soiled in the house for a few weeks but she was traumatised from a long journey and new surroundings. 
Within three months or so, she had completely settled, and now, a year later Lilly is the most beautiful, loving dog.
She now gets as excited at my husband returning from work as she does with me. She does follow me around the house and is my shadow but I don’t mind that at all.
She is a very nosy dog too and always watching the neighbours!