Buddy & Tia (Tina)

I will start off with Buddy. We adopted him on the 31st July 2020 when he was 4 mths old.
Himself and his siblings were found abandoned in a field in Cyprus - they didn't have a good start to life as they were badly mistreated.
Within a few hrs of arriving home with us, he came right out of his shell - he is a proper mummy's boy and does as he is told, but his crazy side still likes to make an appearance when he starts doing zoomies around the coffee table at 8pm! 
Tia (Tina) is the latest addition to our family. We adopted her on the 22nd May 2021 from Cyprus so we have only had her for about a week but you wouldn't think it as within the 1st 24hrs, her and Buddy were best friends!
From what we know, her family had to give her up due to a change in their circumstances.
When she first arrived at our home, she was a little scared with the tail tucked between the legs, but Buddy soon put her at ease and she and him act like they have been together from day one!