Sunny (Nee Conti)

11 years after losing our beloved Layla, I finally convinced my husband Dave that we should get another dog.
Dave always said after losing Layla to  cancer he never wanted to go through that again, Layla wasn't just a dog she was a huge part of the family and the pain was too much to bear when she went to  doggy heaven.
We decided on a rescue ( one of Dave's conditions ) We spent ages looking and one evening I was upstairs and all I heard was Dave shouting "I have found him!"
We arranged to visit Sunny ( was Conti ) at his foster mum's Katrina home, from the moment we saw him we were in love with him.
We don't know much about Sunny's life in Romania apart from he was born on the streets.
Sunny was four and a half months old when he came to live with us, that was back in September 2019,  that was 17 months ago.
Sunny was very quick to learn and only had one accident in the house, but he did get the right room as he peed up the side of the toilet which did make us both chuckle.
Sunny wasn't a very affectionate dog when he arrived, the only time he really wanted a cuddle was when I came home from work.
How he has changed he loves to curl up on an evening on our recliner chairs with us, and now sleeps at the side of us on the bed, ( so much for Dave saying ) no dogs on the furniture or up stairs lol Sunny has taken over the sofa ( now his ).
Sunny love's to have his teeth brushed but hates being groomed still a working progress.
He has a naughty streak in him and will bark ijust once if we are in a different room if we don't go to see him after he has barked he wrecks the sofa by pulling everything off it.
Sunny has brought so much joy and love to our home, he is our reason for getting up in the morning even when we don't want to, he will give a low growl in our ears and if that doesn't work he then puts his head under the pillow lifting it till he wake's you.
Sunny is quite a talker. You can have a conversation with him and he does answer back.
We wouldn't be without  Sunny so thank you so much for letting us be his fur ever family.
Freda & Dave
Doggy licks, Sunny.