We adopted Bart in October 2019 after seeing him on your Facebook page.
The sight of him locked in a cage was awful to see and my wife fell in love with him straight away, so we had to have him.
He came from Romania and after a long wait and a long journey we collected him from Karen who looked after him for a couple of days.
He was quite wary of us at the start but after a little while he started to feel ok around us. The journey home in the car was exciting as we couldn’t wait for him to meet our other dog, Dexter.
Over the last year or so he has turned into a loving and affectionate dog and the first time he really wagged his tail with happiness after a few months was a moment to remember and quite emotional too.
Adopting Bart thru FAAR is the best thing we could have done and to give Bart a happy and loving home is really rewarding.
He absolutely loves a cuddle and a belly rub and will now happily let me carry him upstairs for a Sunday morning lie in. (He doesn’t like the stairs)
We love him so much and thank everyone at FAAR for all the work they do to save these dogs and for giving us Bart. Our love for him is beyond words ❤️🐶