TIMMY (Nee Beethoven)

Timmy came to us from Romania in September 2019. He was a little under 2years old according to his pet passport. On arrival, he was a rather frightened little dog and was delivered to us by Katrina. She advised us to keep him at home for a day or two. He was accepted by our other dog Jessie who is a rather highly strung border Collie from Border Collie Trust. We were very careful not to feed them together but this is no longer an issue. Timmy was quick to settle with us. slept very well in his basket or on the sofa and has become a lovely little character. He did chew a few things at first but this is typical for a young dog and he soon enjoyed homemade toys, socks are favourites.

I suppose that we are fairly experienced dog owners as we have had rescue dogs over about 25 years but this is the first time we have rescued from abroad. It had been easy for us on previous occasions to visit a dog rescue centre and pick a dog which had appeal and suited our requirements and often the dog in question would come over to us and want to bond with us. When our last dog died, we were looking for a replacement but in most English dog rescues now we found only dogs that were unsuitable with children and other dogs. I have grandchildren so it has been important that our dog can mix with children and with Jessie our collie.

I did feel that we could be taking a risk but I was assured that our dog from Romania would get on ok with children and with Jessie and if there were any problems we would have support.

We chose Timmy from a Facebook video and two other pictures. We could see that he was a fun -loving chap and I do love his many varied expressions. He also does a bit of singing and can talk to you. He was called Beethoven on the Facebook page and we have often wondered if someone recognised his musical abilities. He is very greedy! I guess he may have been starving when picked up. He constantly looks for food and will eat most things that are edible! He walks well on the lead but is occasionally spooked by extra loud vehicles passing close to him, bicycles and joggers which take him by surprise. He is not very keen on the boot of the car (perhaps because the journey here from Romania was quite scary) but is happy to sit in the front with an adult.

I always imagine Romania as having cold snowy winters but Timmy’s passport told us that he is from Constanta on the Black Sea Coast which looks as if it has a wonderful sandy beach fringed by villas and hotels and we have wondered if he had a good life feeding from the bins on the beach and eating the picnics of the tourists.

After his time in the shelter, I believe that he had a wonderful carer called Dana. I am sure that she must have given him a lot of love as well as food and warmth. We do give him a good walk each day, more than an hour. He has kept us sane during lockdown. More importantly he has given companionship to us and Jessie and likes nothing more than to watch T.V and cuddle up to us. In our village there are a number of rescued dogs from Romania, Bosnia, Spain and Greece and the owners all say the same- these dogs just want love and security and they give such loyalty and friendship in return