I had lost my previous little girl, Meg, a one eyed black Pug eighteen months before and I'd decided that I wouldn't get another, as there was no way I could possibly replace her.  However, my friend started looking for a little rescue dog and signed up to the FAAR Facebook group.  She kept asking me to look at potential dogs she'd fallen for ,so I also joined the group.  
Unfortunately, my friend was unsuccessful in securing a foster dog as she lives on a narrow boat and they didn't think it was a suitable home.  However, one day I was looking through my FB feed and spotted 'Gregory'.  He had been rescued by the lovely Dalila Toma in Braila, Romania, after some thugs (reportedly children) had cut off the tops of his ears and to escape, he had run into the road and a car had clipped his back leg.  I immediately fell in love with him and his imperfections.  Although I wasn't actively 'looking', I knew he was meant for me, he looked so happy despite the horrid time he'd endured so I made enquiries and soon, he was mine.  
He was brought over on the freedom bus one weekend in November 2019 and as soon as I was able to collect him, my mum and I travelled after work on the Friday night to Oxford to fetch him.  Everyone told me the traffic would be awful and I should leave it until the Saturday morning but I was just so excited to meet him.  His lovely foster mum in Oxford had kept me up to date on his progress with photos and videos and had told me that she thought he was just the happiest dog she and her husband had ever met.
I walked in and fell in love immediately and he has become one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  Many of my friends and family were a little worried as I'd never had a rescue before and my previous dogs had all been so well behaved.  However, they didn't need to worry - he is the best dog ever!! He is such a good boy and is never an ounce of trouble.  He makes me laugh on a daily basis and I envy his excitement and vigour to life.  He sits with me during the long evenings on the sofa, just staring at me.  He is just the happiest little thing and I call him 'my monkey' even though he is still officially Greg as I thought it would be an easy transition from my last dog, Meg.
He is, of course, very spoilt and has a dog sitter when I have to work but mostly, it's just me and him and we love our time together.  His ears will never be perfect (someone actually asked me if they'd grow back!!) and he'll always have a bad back leg, for which he is on constant anti-inflammatories but to me, he is perfect and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my Greg