Rey (Nee Vesta)

I have always wanted to rescue a dog, and after 12 years of persuasion, my husband finally gave in.
It was the end of 2019 and I spent months trawling through local and national animal rescue charities pages. I eventually gave up after being turned away due to having children under 10 and even being advised to “go to a breeder and get a puppy instead” by one rescue centre. I mentioned this to my in laws, who had recently moved back to the UK from Cyprus, and they told me about the amount of dogs over there that were abandoned, often by hunters. They put me in touch with Raya, a wonderful lady who rescues animals in the village they used to live.
Within a couple of days I had filled out an application form for a puppy who had been abandoned with her two brothers, and after a virtual home check, she was going to be ours. My husband, a Star Wars fan, named her ‘Rey’
We were kept up to date with pictures and videos over the next couple of months until she was old enough to travel. A group was set up by FAAR for all the animals that were going to be on each van – we had updates from them being loaded onto the plane, to being loaded into the vans and arriving at the Channel Tunnel.
On a sunny Friday in September 2020, we drove down to our pick up point and waited for our van to arrive. Within the next five minutes I had this gorgeous 3 month old puppy in my arms. 

Rey settled in very quickly and she adapted to our home life (The British weather will take a little longer to get used to) a lot quicker than I was expecting, and that's down to the brilliant foster home she had before.
She is now 8 months old and is the funniest, silliest, affectionate dog I’ve ever known. She's my kids best friend and even my husband (secretly) adores her. I love when people ask what breed she is and I am proud to say "rescue". 

We wouldn't be without her. 

If you're thinking about getting a dog - rescue one!!