A little bit of Goose at Christmas?

Posted: Friday 24th December 2021

Here at Freedom Angels Romania, we love a happy ending, and love to hear about our dogs and puppies as the grow and flourish in their new homes. We were delighted with this message about our rescued Angel - Dolf, now known as Goose. Here is what his owner had to say:

'Hi everyone, this is Goose and he has been with us since the 24th October. We lost our border terrier at the start of the year to doggy dementia and were left, as a family with a huge hole where he used to be. After a lot consideration we decided to get a rescue dog and found Goose online. Since he has been with us he has developed into a very fun and loving dog who seems to grow in confidence (and size) by the day. 

Because he is such a handsome boy we decided to do a dna test to see what mix he was and had the results two days ago, a lovely thing just before Christmas. There were 15 breeds in Goose's DNA, the top 5 being Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Segugio Italiano, Chihuahua and Labrador!

I would like to thank Freedom Angels Romania for helping Goose and so many others find their forever homes, and the foster families that take these dogs in when they first arrive in the uk, a selfless act that I'm sure not everyone is capable of. Merry Christmas One and All!'