Julia Roberts

Julia really is a star in her own right. She is a gorgeous and loving girl with no issues - only love to give.

Our rescuer found Julia dumped with another girl - her sister or mum perhaps. She couldn't catch them so came back the next day to try again. When she returned, the other girl was dead and had been hit by a car. Julia was crying out for her. Our rescuer then found out that the locals wanted to poison her because she was damaging their plants. It took 2 months for her to convince the locals to let her take Julia and finally catch her. 

If you're interested in fostering Julia Roberts, please fill out a foster application form.  If you would like to adopt Julia Roberts, please follow the link below to apply. We can then contact you with more information about Julia.

Location: Romania
Age: Approx Approx 1 year old
Gender: Female
Status: Available

Added: 31st October 2023