Patch, named for his adorable colourings, is the most friendly and loving boy weighing about 9kgs. 

Patch was left to die in a field, his body was covered in bites, particularly his face and ears. He is incredibly skinny because he hasn't been eating right due to his suffering. He is making amazing progress with with proper medication and special food.

When our volunteers visited the shelter he is in in Romania, he showed nothing but signs of love and affection, which is quite incredible really considering his plight.


If you're interested in fostering Rufus, please fill out a foster application form.  This will get him out of Romania sooner. If you would like to adopt Rufus and offer him a forever home, please follow the link below to apply. 

Location: Romania
Age: Approx Approx 1 year old
Gender: Male
Status: Available

Added: 31st October 2023