Jasmine's mum can no longer look after her due to medical reasons so our beautiful girl is looking for a new family.  She is 16 months old and weighs approximately 28kgs so a larger dog.

Our girl gets on very well with other dogs and children.  She is extremely loving and affectionate with people she knows but more wary of stangers when out on her walk.  She is exceptionally well behaved in the house and despite her height she never steals anything off the counter.  She is house trained, enjoys being groomed and adores her cuddles.  She also has good recall.  Unfortunately she cannot live with cats.

Please note, we are unable to consider for adoption

  • People under 25 years old
  • People with children under 10 years old
  • Home without a secure garden
  • Families with unneutered dogs
  • Home where the dog will have to be left alone more than 4 hours.

Location: Warwickshire
Age: Approx Born 26th February 2021
Gender: Female
Status: Available

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  • Good with children
  • Good with dogs
  • Loves going for walks
  • Suitable for family