Behind the eyes of all of our dogs is a story.  Never a happy one but some more sad than others.  Meet Tiger now known as Jack.  His has been a bumpy path.  He was rescued as a puppy from a kill shelter along with his brothers and sisters.  After spending a few weeks in foster in the UK, he was adopted by a young couple with the added bonus of having his brother come along too.  He then became Jack.  Jack was always the more shy of the two boys but he was happy to live in his brothers shadow.  He adored his walks and began to love life.  The couple went on to have a baby and everything was fine until the baby became a toddler and began to toddle!  One day the little girl threw a wellington boot, it hit the unaware Jack and frightened him so much he nipped the child.  The family thought it best he was removed from the home.

Sadly all our fosters were full so Jack had to go to kennels.  It was the worst place for him and he withdrew into himself and just sat at the back of his run.  It just broke our hearts but eventually a foster home became free and Jack was immediately taken there.

His transformation in such a short time has been amazing.  He is just so happy to be in a home again.  He is happy to sit at the feet of his foster mum while she works, waiting patiently for his walk time which he still loves.  Jack is a gentle giant.  Very sensitive but extremely loving.  We would really like to find him a quiet home with a family who are home most of the day and like to take long walks.   Jack has put on weight during his time in kennels so he will need to be on a restricted diet for a while.  Maybe someone out there will be happy to go on a diet with him and accompany on long walks.  

Please consider this lovely boy.  He needs to get into his forever home.


Location: Wiltshire
Age: Approx Born 1st February 2019
Gender: Male
Status: Available

Added: 26th June 2022