Nyana is the most fabulous looking dog. Where ever she goes people stop to ask about her. With her long legs and beautiful face, she could be a super model.
With her good looks comes a very stong personality and she will answer you back if she feels she should have her own way. Because of this she does need a home with people who have experience with dogs. She walks well on the lead and is not reactive to other dogs. She can live as an only dog or with a dog that is bigger than her and won't let her get to big for her boots. She can sometimes be wary of strangers on first introduction but will be anyone's for a treat. She really does love food.
Nyana is sweet and affectionate and will sit with you forever as long as you are giving her cuddles.

Location: Oxfordshire
Age: Approx Born 2nd October 2021
Gender: Female
Status: Available

Added: 12th April 2022