We don’t need to tell you how tough it is for dogs on the streets of Romania but for the little ones it is exceptionally difficult and dangerous. It is almost impossible for them to find the food they need and very often they themselves become food for the bigger dogs. When Karina arrived in her foster home, she was devoid of personality. Scared of everything and everyone. But with love and patience she has slowly but surely started to believe she can live without fear. Karina is Chihuahua size and really wants to be in forever home. Now her favourite thing is to chase around the garden with her foster siblings so she definitely would need another small dog in the home. Not just to play with but to also learn from.

Karina comes with full rescue back up. Adoption donation and home check apply.

Please note, we are unable to consider for adoption

  • People under 25 years old
  • People with children under 10 years old
  • Home without a secure garden
  • Families with unneutered dogs
  • Home where the dog will have to be left alone more than 4 hours.

Location: Oxfordshire
Age: Approx DOB 03/09/2019
Gender: Female
Status: Available

Added: 4th March 2022

  • Good with dogs