Freedom Angels Romania are not just about cute puppies, Romania is full of abondoned adult dogs, thrown out like the trash with no one to care for them. Our rescuers do everything they can for these dogs, and we bring them to the UK for a new life. One of these dogs is Poppy.
Sadly, sometimes the journey to the UK can completely overwhelm a dog, and Poppy was one such dog, she arrived anxious and terrified, and decided she needed to protect her new home and Mum to make sure she was safe.
Of course, not letting visitors into the house, and being reactive when out walking can be very difficult things to handle, so we asked Behaviouralist Debbie Goodwin to support Poppy and her owner.
Sadly, her owner does not have the confidence she needs to support Poppy, and so Debbie feels it is in her best interests to move her to a new home, to a person with considerable experience, confidence and the time to work with Poppy.
I now that most of you won't fall into this category, but I am hoping just one of you, or someone you know might be that person. Please contact us if you would like more information. Freedom Angels Romania will continue to support Poppy throughout her journey.
we are looking for an adult only environment with no other pets, and a lovely garden for Poppy to play in. We look forward to hearing from you. You can find foster forms, or an adoption form on our website.

Please note, we are unable to consider for adoption

  • People under 25 years old
  • Home without a secure garden
  • Families with unneutered dogs
  • Home where the dog will have to be left alone more than 4 hours.



Location: Hull
Age: Approx 18 months
Gender: Female
Status: Available

Added: 6th February 2022